• Image of Fresh Cream Truffles - Two Varieties, 70g

Our famous truffles are made fresh every week with real double cream and dipped in delicious chocolate.

We have two varieties:


Our ever-popular sweet and creamy truffles are made with a unique caramelised white chocolate called dulcey, blended with milk chocolate and dipped in a dark milk blend. They have a fudgy, creamy caramel flavour and are extremely moreish. We like to drop one into our hot chocolate for an amazing dessert drink.
Sold by weight, there are approximately 8 to 12 truffles in each 150g bag.


Based on the Italian gelato of the same name and originally conceived for our Lovers Box, this has a white chocolate and tonka bean truffle filling streaked with rich and astringent dark chocolate shards and is dipped in dark chocolate. Sweet and deliciously bitter all at once.
These chonky beauties tend to be slightly larger than the Dulcey truffles, so contain approximately 8 to 12 truffles per 150g bag.

ALLERGENS: SOYA, MILK. May contain traces of NUTS.

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